DynaFluid 2000

Steam & Water Mixing Valves

DynaFluid 2000

Adsorption Series Filter
  • Fail Safe - Gives immediate positive shut-off in the event of cold water failure.
  • Automatically mixes steam and water proportionally, heating it to a selected temperature.
  • Provides a ready supply of hot water when and where it is needed.
  • Eliminates the need for hot water storage.
  • Broad application versatility.
  • Quiet and economical operation.
  • Four sizes to suit requirements.
  • How it Works

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    When the outlet control is opened, cold water flows into the valve body. The change in differential pressure raises the piston, lifting the steam valve from its seat. Steam then combines with the cold water in the mixing chamber to create instantaneous hot water.

    Once the outlet control is closed, the fixed loading spring, reinforced with static water pressure, forces the piston down and closes the steam valve. In the absence of cold water pressure, steam cannot escape through the outlet. This failsafe principle is the heart of the Dynafluid 2000 design. It's fast, simple, efficient, and cost effective.


    Dynafluid 2000 valves are manufactures and assembled to high quality standards. The body is of high-density cast bronze. Springs and steam valve are stainless steel (series 300). The valve seat is glass filled PTFE designed for long life and high pressure conditions and can easily be replaced. The valves are thoroughly use-tested and inspected prior to shipment. They are guaranteed to be free form defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date of purchase.

    Additional Information

    Dynafluid 2000 - Cut Sheet (PDF)
    Dynafluid 2000 - Installation & Operating Manual (PDF)
    Dynafluid 2000 - 0.5" Parts Sheet (PDF)
    Dynafluid 2000 - 0.75" Parts Sheet (PDF)
    Dynafluid 2000 - 1.0" Parts Sheet (PDF)
    Dynafluid 2000 - 1.5" Parts Sheet (PDF)
    Dynafluid 2000 - Sizing Checklist (PDF)

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